In a small municipality like Ithaca NY you would expect:
2.5 trips per hour $10.00 avg. trip cost
This means a standard 8 hour shift brings in $200.00
NOW let's make a few standard deductions from that amount.
$200.00 is your gross
 - $30.00 for gasoline*
 - $20.00 UberX safe ride fees
 - $40.00 UberX commission
 - $50.00 for withholding taxes , Social Security set aside quarterly
$52.00 is your take home pay!!!
Divide that by 8 hours and you've earned $6.50 / per hour!
Did you know that NYS minimum wage is currently $8.75?
Don't forget that the above noted $148.00 in expenses are only the basics. Don't forget to subtract other daily expenditures that you might make during your shift like meals, coffee, use of vehicle interior cleaning supplies and car washes.
*do not forget that gas prices fluctuate several times yearly
considering driving for uberX? expenses involved liabilities other stuff